How do you get started?

Cloud Vs. On-Premise

There are basically three ways on how to buy and set up your ClinicalPURSUIT patient registry system:

How to Buy:

Subscription Service: can be set up as a secure, cloud-based subscription where your system is hosted in our private cloud network.  You pay a yearly subscription fee that covers (licensing, hosting, backups, security and maintenance).

Purchase:  Buy the software and…

    • Install it on your network (with a maintenance plan)
    • Allow us to host it in our secure private cloud (with a hosting & maintenance plan)

Each system is priced by the project.  Each project includes:  licensing fees, hosting options, data import services, build out services (forms, workflow, report setup), training and project management services, and any integration services (if needed).

Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

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ClinicalPURSUIT is different from traditional patient registry solutions. Because ClinicalPURSUIT is web-based and custom tailored to follow your workflow, it helps you expertly collect data on a patient population faster-so you can help your patients FASTER.