Real World Data Collection

Phase IV Clinical Trials and Post Marketing Research

The regulatory environment is constantly changing. New concerns about the safety of new medicines, and various uses for large-scale, real-world data on marketed drugs’ patient safety and efficacy, as well as, new combination and comcomitant therapies are the primary growth “drivers”.

Phase IV marketing research is a critical element of pharmaceutical marketing – enabling companies to expand existing markets, enter new markets, develop and deliver value-add messaging that differentiates their products with the competition, creating a niche position in already crowded markets. The fact is, regulators are requiring more post-marketing data from drug companies, which makes absolute sense.

Given the increasing importance of phase IV trial research, increased competition and a real need for a rapid understanding of how their drugs are performing in the real-world, it is mission critical for companies to integrate a strong web-based clinical data capture and analysis tool or “system” to help them truly understand statistical trends and patient outcomes.

The Ultimate in Protection

ClinicalPURSUIT takes data collection seriously and can help your team comply with today's HIPAA standards. With a powerful security and audit-based foundation at its core, managing HIPAA has never been easier.

A Clinical Driven Registry

ClinicalPURSUIT is a robust system that allows RAPID clinical data collection and FAST database growth while allowing you the luxury of ultimate security.

Strong Statistical and Analysis Tools

Your data is the most important aspect of using ClinicalPURSUIT. How easy is it to ``see``, extract and makes sense of it? The software includes several powerful analytical tools to better understand your results.

Patient Safety Monitoring Plan

Promoting patient safety is a national priority! Use ClinicalPURSUIT our web based software to monitor adverse events, complications and patient safety.

See a Demo?

ClinicalPURSUIT is different from traditional patient registry solutions. Because ClinicalPURSUIT is web-based and custom tailored to follow your workflow, it helps you expertly collect data on a patient population faster-so you can help your patients FASTER.