Clinical Data vs. Real World Data

Where clinical data meets real world data… Real World Data is data that comes from sources other than traditional clinical trials and have become increasingly important to today’s healthcare decisions. Historically, drug companies have been limited to prospective randomized clinical trials as their primary avenue for achieving product approval.

Today, research is being conducted in real-world settings to get data that is more meaningful to how people live and operate daily.  Data is being analyzed retrospectively and prospectively.  Where does clinical data meet real world data?  ClinicalPURSUIT sits perfectly to allow for the collection of real world data through the use of patient portals, surveys, assessments and other non-clinical tools to help medical researchers understand a patient’s complete picture.

Question Pooling

Create comprehensive questions ``pools`` and build your surveys quickly from a library of questions.

Drag and Drop Survey Building

Build your surveys through a drag and drop interface. Simply drag in the questions you want to include in your survey.

Dynamic Decision Tree Building

Create powerful decision tree logic while building your surveys that can affect any survey in your library.

Dashboards and Reporting

As surveys are completed you can get instant results and real-time insights, on the fly, as needed.

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ClinicalPURSUIT is different from traditional patient registry solutions. Because ClinicalPURSUIT is web-based and custom tailored to follow your workflow, it helps you expertly collect data on a patient population faster-so you can help your patients FASTER.