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Creating Actionable Information!

Let us show you how to create actionable information using a system built for patient registry reporting and analytics.

Many organizations are seriously constrained by the lack of information about how their patients are responding to specific therapies, programs and services.

Transform With Good, Accurate Data Analytics!

The transformation occurs when you begin to realize we now operate in a hyper-connected world where trends change direction instantly, and only knowing precisely how your patients are responding to you consistently, can help you make sure you’re not going in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the truths that many clinical organizations struggle with.  Managing data collection with several EXCEL spreadsheets and other tools can be painful and very inefficient when trying to run a project with specific patient registry reporting objectives.  Not using a solution like ClinicalPURSUIT that can help streamline data correlation and intelligence can cost an organization far more than they realize.  Improve how you assess your data and your overall patient registry reporting and analytics.

Optimized Data Visibility

Each ClinicalPURSUIT system is designed to provide ``optimized data visibility``. So what does that mean? Essentially, as we tailor new systems and gather requirements about how outcomes will be measured, we look to place real-time data at the fingertips of the analyst or administrator. As new information is collected - data is displayed across dashboards, event summation tables, look up tables and drill downs - all without the need to ever run a report.

Leverage Your Data

Each query also contains a tool to export the data into a CSV or EXCEL file instantly. Equally important for reporting is our secure data feed to your own desktop version of EXCEL via an Odata Feed from your registry system. Through the Odata feed you are able to leverage drag and drop ``pivot tables`` that allow you further manipulate the data using software that you're most comfortable with -EXCEL. Those analysts familiar with Tableau can request a secure Tableau feed from their registry system to use for their data analysis.

Deeper Data Dives

We offer a variety of tools such as two independent adhoc queries-an advanced tool for SQL writers and an intermediate tool for non I.T. people. Both tools allows you to extract out data across different forms and tables of information and build your own reports. In addition, each query can be saved and pushed out to a quick report menu or dashboard for quick access.

Analysis Data Effortlessly

ClinicalPURSUIT makes it easy to instantly identify changes in how your drugs therapies and procedures are affecting your patients. When used correctly, the real-time intelligence you receive from a ClinicalPURSUIT system can transform how you receive your data – which is the key to improving the outcomes for your patients.

Data Collection for Clinical Insights

Watch Your Organization Transform

A resource like ClinicalPURSUIT for patient registry reporting and clinical data research is utterly indispensable today. Not having it is not only a massive constraint in itself; it creates dozens of more localized constraints in every part of your organization.

Why Struggle?

You wind up struggling endlessly with problems that are holding you back (not having enough data to make prudent decisions, poor data collection methods, inaccurate data, not enough time to engage multiple sites, poor or absent adverse event or complication monitoring, missed deadlines, etc.,) – and paying a king’s ransom to find solutions.

Conversely… elevating the efficacy of your organization with a resource like ClinicalPURSUIT capable of helping you quickly and efficiently vaporize the obstacles, meet the challenge, seize fast-breaking opportunities or allowing you to make the right decision that really helps a patient – has never been more crucial.

Collect and Analyze Data Effortlessly!

Learn more about how ClinicalPURSUIT can help you break free of your data constraints.  When your practice, medical center or organization is able to rapidly collect a large pool of patient data for analysis, effectively monitor trends and identify and isolate complications according to the level of risk… quickly and accurately – you are also able to more selectively focus your resources, make decisions on the fly, change your course, etc., resulting in better outcomes for patients and their families.

Want to See a Demo?

ClinicalPURSUIT is different from traditional patient registry solutions. Because ClinicalPURSUIT is web-based and custom tailored to follow your workflow, it helps you expertly collect data on a patient population faster-so you can help your patients FASTER.